How this works

We install your application on our Google cloud storage and configures required clients, setups and run conformance tests for OP FAPI-RW and OP FAPI-CIBA test sets. We will integrate that cloud environment with CI to automatically test latest conformance suite against the latest version of your OpenID provider. Fintechlabs constantly monitor and analyse any failures found, and if real problem will inform you with detailed reason for any failures & relevant spec clauses.

Key Features

  • Maintain to install your application/instance on our cloud
  • Upgrade & retest for any application releases (final & public betas)
  • Inform detailed reason for any failures & relevant spec clauses
  • Promptly resolve any false failures caused by errors in the conformance suite, liaising with OIDF certification team as necessary
  • Where necessary, liaise with OIDF working groups to get specs clarified
  • Prepare all results required for certification as/when requested